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Episode 1 (pilot)

SE1 pilot (part 1)

What was life like for post war British youth? Oppressing. But for teenage John Lennon (and many others) it all starts HERE. Relief arrives in the discovery of Skiffle music and rock n roll. Can young rebel Lennon get others to follow his vision? Dive into this first ever episode of the series to find out.

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Photo of 1950s vintage radio courtesy Peter strazzabosco

The popular songs in 'A Day In THEIR Life' are sound-a-like recordings.  The music featured in the show are cover versions, painstakingly replicated to set the time period and to help tell the story.  Now discover the actual songs by the original artists in this curated playlist of 'The Songs In Season One'  HERE

Pilot (Part 2)

SE1 Pilot (Part 2)

In the second half of this debut episode John's new skiffle group, The Quarrymen, perform at a church garden fete. In the process John meets a new friend in a chance encounter that will change the boys' lives - and the course of music history - forever.

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Episode 2: The Family Way (Parts 1 & 2)