Please take a moment to grab your phone and record your thoughts about ‘A Day In THEIR Life: An Audio Drama Of The Beatles Story’ and send me your message. This can be a video message or just audio, whichever you like.

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 A 30 to 60 second testimonial from you is all I'm looking for.  

Begin your message with your name and what city you live in (you don’t need to give your full name if you don’t want to, but mentioning your location will help demonstrate diversity in my listenership from around the globe, which is important).

Some ideas to get you going:

Get amped up!  Then hit ‘record’ on your device and tell me:
Who you are, and where you are (city, state, country etc)
. Why do you listen to ‘A Day In THEIR Life’?
.  What’s the most impressive aspect about the audio production to your ears?
. WHERE do you listen to the show (in your car, in line at the grocery, out for a walk, etc)
.  WHO else do you think might benefit from or most appreciate ‘A Day In THEIR Life’?
. WHAT excites you about every new episode?

**extra points:  WHY should someone support my audio drama of The Beatles story? (one very good reason:  Support for the show speeds production and shortens the time between episodes.  So YOU won't have to wait so long between episodes).

There is no right or wrong way to share your thoughts about this show. Those are just  a few ideas. Feel free to do something different.  The main thing is to just lay your thoughts on me. NOTE:  PLEASE PLEASE ME AND KEEP ANY BACKGROUND MUSIC OR NOISE OUT OF YOUR MESSAGE (I may add some music when I put it all together).


In the weeks ahead I will string together your voice messages and videos as part of a “Testimonial Pictures” segment in my upcoming livestream BeatleDrama fundraiser. 
From your messages, viewers of the livestream will get firsthand perspectives from a diverse range of listeners, which will then demonstrate the show's broad appeal. 

Think of this pre-produced segment as a “commercial break” for when I need to use the bathroom during an all-day marathon fundraising event:





Your testimonial will paint a picture far richer than anything I could create alone. 
 Even if it’s just your voice (no video) I’ll add visuals that compliment your message when it airs. 


I’d be grateful if you’d record either a short video OR audio message (30 to 60 secs) praising the show.  You can send your testimonial using one of the following methods:

Email your message to me at

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Deadline: please send your message of support no later than Monday, April 22nd.

As John and Yoko once said:  “Dream we dream alone is just a dream.  Dream we dream together..that’s reality.”#ADayInYOURLife #ShareYourWhy #DreamWeDreamTogetherThat’sReality



Eric Howell - Creator/Writer/Producer/Voice Actor/Grateful Recipient of your praise