'A Day In THEIR Life: An Audio Drama Series of The Beatles Story''

Created by King Mixer
Written, Directed & Produced by King Mixer
Sound Design: King Mixer


CAST of CHARACTERS (in order of appearance)

Show Host:  King Mixer (Eric Howell)

BBC radio announcer: Eric Howell

Winston Churchill : Eric Howell

Adolf Hitler : Eric Howell

Narrator: Eric Howell

Doctor: Eric Howell

Julia Lennon: Judith Mahon

Aunt Mimi: Victoria Meakin

Hospital Nurse: Luci Fish

Echo Newspaper Man:  Edmund C. Short

Quarrybank Maths Teacher: Eric Howell

John Lennon:  Eric Howell

Pete Shotton :  Gareth Edwards

Quarrybank School Yard Attendant : Eric Howell

Quarrybank School Yard Heckling kid:  Noah Salins

School girl 1 : Luci Fish

School girl 2: Juliet Prew

Colin Hanton: David Thorpe

Rod Davis:  Frank Connor

Eric "Griff" Griffiths:  Eric Howell

Skiffle group name check scene:  Niko Stavropoulos

Richard Starkey (of Dingle) :  Eric Howell


*German Dialect Coach (pilot ep):  John Hamilton Scuras


Garden Fete Bell Lady:  Victoria Meakin

Dr. Thelwall Jones, Garden Fete MC :  Mr. E. Guest

Ice Cream Man:  Eric Howell

Little Julia Dykins: Caroline Tye

Ivan Vaughan: Harry Dyer

Len Garry:  Eric Howell


Ep 2 (Part 1) 'Times Of Trouble'
Doctor: Eric Howell

Mary Mohan (McCartney):  Mary Jane Wells

Jim McCartney:  Eric Howell

Jin McCartney Harris:  Liz Farahadi

Harry Harris  (Jin's Husband) :  James Houton

Brother Joe McCartney: David Thorpe

Florie McCartney (Mum):  Juliet Prew

Maternity Ward Nurse: Victoria Meakin


Ep 2 (Part 2) 'Words Of Wisdom'
Olive:  Juliet Prew

Young Paul McCartney:  Eric Howell

 Mrs. Caldwell:  Juliet Prew

BBC Radio Announcer: Eric Howell

Postman Dobbins: David Thorpe

Young Paul:  Eric Howell

Young Mike McCartney:  The Mysterious Ian

 Mr. Brown:  James Houton

Man In Street: David Thorpe

Hospital Phone Caller: Eric Howell

20 Forthlin Taxi Driver:  Edmund C. Short

Liverpool Empire MC:  Edmund C. Short

Lonnie Donegan (singing) :  Eric Howell

Girl In Crowd (Irene):  Jenny 'Mac' McCulloch

Young George Harrison: Eric Howell

Paul's friend Ian:  Niko Twist Action 

Rushworth's Music Store Clerk:  Hunter "Ian McKellen" Davis




'Lost John'  - Written by Lonnie Donegan/F. Bonifay.  Published by TRO- Ludlow Music, Inc.  Licensed by permission.  Recorded and performed for 'A Day In THEIR Life' by King     Mixer.

'Heartbreak Hotel'  - (Elvis Presley)/ Sony Music Publishing, LLC  Licensed by permission.  Recorded and performed for 'A Day In THEIR Life' by King Mixer.

'Rock Island Line' -  Written by Lonnie Donegan/ Published by TRO- Ludlow Music, Inc.  Licensed by permission.  performed by King Mixer, David Thorpe, Jake Crowe and Noah Salins

EPISODE 2 :  "The McCartney Family Way"

'I'll Build A Stairway To Paradise' - Written by George Gershwin, Arthur Francis, Buddy DeSylva 1922.  Performed by 'The McCartney Family Craic Singers!' : Jessi Mosley, Edmund C. Short, Jenny Mac McCulloch, James Houton and The Bournemouth Family Singers (Sean, Kate, Paul, Ethan, and Diana). 

'Jack O' Diamonds'  - Written by Lonnie Donegan/ Jimmie Currie , published by TRO - Hollis Music.  Licensed by permission.  Performed by King Mixer (Lead Guitar: Grant Tye)

'Why Did I Kiss That Girl?' - (King/Henderson, 1924)  Recorded &  performed for 'A Day In THEIR Life'  by King Mixer


Soundtrack musicians: 

King Mixer: acoustic guitars, harmonica, vocals 

Jake Crowe: banjo, washboard 

David Thorpe: Tea chest Bass 

Noah Salins : Colin Hanton's Drums

"Paul's" first trumpet (performance) : Alex Vilmur 


Additional Soundtrack Scores:

Podcast Instrumental theme 'Cavernesque' written, recorded & performed by King Mixer w/ Casey McDonough

'The Quarrybank Walton Gallows' :  written and scored by King Mixer

'The Daily Howl Beat Poets':  written and scored by King Mixer

 'I'm Going To Make An Example Of You Two' :  soundscapes by King Mixer

'Shotton's crime' : scored by King Mixer

'Pete Let's Form A Skiffle Group!' : written and performed by King Mixer

 'Mimi's On The Phone' : written and scored by King Mixer

'Mimi Don't Allow No Skiffle Playin' Round Here' (Trad.) performed by King Mixer, David Thorpe, Jake Crowe and Noah Salins

"I've Got A Taste (For Champagne)" - written and sung by King Mixer, piano performed by Bill Vaananen  ** additional piano performances by Casey McDonough

'Angel's Gift' by Breathing Tides used by permission from Epidemic Sound.

*Additional music beds courtesy Epidemic Sound, Pond 5 libraries. 


Sound Effects Libraries courtesy : Pro Sound Effects (PSE),  BBC sound effects library, Pond 5,  Epidemic Sound and King Mixer's self-made shenanigans.
John & Pete's bike sounds:  courtesy Peter Strazzabosco. 


Season One original artwork by Kevin Loesch 
Episode 2 charcoal sketches of Jim and Mary McCartney by Michael Schulbaum 
Logo and  Art Direction: Chris Dupilka


 RESEARCH: King Mixer
Suggested reading:
'The Beatles Anthology' (book) by The Beatles
'The Beatles TUNE-IN' by Mark Lewisohn
'The Complete Beatles Chronicle' by Mark Lewisohn
'The Beatles Book' by Hunter Davies
'Shout! - The Beatles In Their Generation' by Philip Norman 
'Fab Four Faq' by Stuart Shea & Robert Rodriguez
'Magical Mystery Tours - My Life With The Beatles' by Tony Bramwell
'The Beatles - An Oral History' by David Pritchard & Alan Lysaght
'The Beatles - The Biography' by Bob Spitz
'The Ultimate Beatles Encyclopedia' by Bill Harry

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A Day In THEIR Life - Season One is dedicated to Barry LaPorte, in loving memory. (1960 -2020)
Your influence is in every scene and I hope I've done you proud, Weston.