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Episode 1 :  'Birth Of A Beatle'
The journey begins with the pilot episode (part One), in which a young John Lennon discovers rock n roll as his true calling.  That is, when he's not being sent to the Head Master's Office for a good caning.

Episode 1 (Part 2)
'Would You Like To Join Me Group?'
At the invitation of a mutual friend a local church fete brings John Lennon & Paul McCartney together for the first time.  Immerse your ears in this historic moment which changed the world forever.

Episode 2 Part 2  'Words Of Wisdom'

As rock n roll takes root a tragic family shake up leads a grieving young Paul down a path that will alter the course of music history, forever. 

Episode 2 : The McCartney Family Way
Part 1 - 'Times Of Trouble'

 The first of a two-part episode exploring the history of the McCartney family (and Paul's birth) in a way which has never been done before.  Give Paul's origin story a listen, and consider the outcome as Hitler's blitzkrieg sets Liverpool aflame in war torn Liverpool.